Protecting Seniors Of the North Carolina Triangle

 So They Worry Less and Enjoy Life More!

Live Your Golden Years Without Being Overwhelmed

Trusted Advisor, LLC in Pittsboro, North Carolina has been helping seniors achieve and maintain their financial independence and autonomy since 2006. We work closely with clients to ensure that their affairs are taken care of even if they’re physically or mentally unable to. Additionally, our services minimize interaction between seniors and entities that aim to abuse and take advantage of the elderlies.

About Mickey

About Our Founder

Mickey Kesselman is the president and owner of Trusted Advisor, LLC. He is an attorney who uses his combined 48 years of law, business, and nonprofit experience to help protect seniors with a unique personal service. Mickey and our team make sure that seniors have all their affairs in order and their finances, healthcare, and living conditions are secure.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

A few hours spent planning with our team can help save you and your loved ones hundreds of thousands in income and estate taxes as well as administrative expenses. We’ll prioritize addressing and securing your wants and needs so that your estate plan will do everything exactly as you requested. Our team will also take time to listen and understand your family’s dynamics so that we can better handle any issues when they come up.

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The Four Elements of a Good Estate Plan

The purpose of a will is to distribute your valuable assets according to your wishes in a sensitive, humane, and orderly fashion. It minimizes resentment and jealousy among family members and allows you to give gifts to the charities of your choice. However, just having a will means your estate will bear the costs and administration of a probate court.

A trust is an agreement that lets you transfer property to another person (the trustee) to hold, manage, and distribute according to the specifics of the agreement. An excellent tool is a revocable living trust with you as the trustee. This allows you to not give up control of your property and avoid the costs and administration of probate court.

Upon your death, the successor trustee (who you have named) distributes your estate according to your wishes while avoiding probate court.

This allows you to appoint your agent (known as the patient advocate) to make key medical decisions for you in the event you cannot communicate with your doctor. It is broader than a “living will” and allows your agent to change doctors, hospitals, and help you, depending upon your wishes, make life-ending or sustaining decisions.

It lets you appoint your agent to manage your assets in case you are too sick or otherwise unable to do so yourself. This becomes more important the older you get since you’ll be more likely to be target by con artists who’ll want to steal your property from you via fraud or schemes.

Let’s Talk About Making Your Life Easier

Our team is highly knowledgeable about senior citizen’s rights and aims to protect the elderly from those who would take advantage of them. If you wish to work with us, feel free to contact our office for a consultation. We assure you that everything we’ll discuss will be strictly confidential.