About Mickey

Dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Seniors In the North Carolina Triangle Area

About Mickey

Mickey Kesselman

Mickey Kesselman is the president and owner of Trusted Advisor, LLC. This Pittsboro firm is a trustworthy source whose mission and specialty is to provide a very personal service to make sure seniors are protected legally, financially, and personally.

Kesselman is an attorney who uses his 48 years of law, business, and nonprofit experience to help protect seniors. Kesselman spent his early years as a senior partner in the Chicago law firm of Epstein & Kesselman, where he served as an attorney representing Vietnam veterans in the celebrated Agent Orange case. He later immersed himself in the business environment as a strategic planner and turnaround specialist. Throughout his career, Kesselman has always been issue-oriented and a problem solver.

In 1990, after the death of his 18-year-old daughter Rebecca to cancer, he entered the nonprofit world, which included co-founding a support group foundation for teens and young adults with cancer. He has also been the Executive Director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Illinois and the president of Extra Hands for ALS. He was also the Executive Director of The Jewish National Fund of Chicago for 5 years; the non profit organization promotes ecological work of water and roads in Israel and the Middle East. 

Kesselman decided to use his compassion for others along with his expertise in strategic planning to focus on helping the most vulnerable generation; our seniors. Kesselman is a true advocate for his clients doing everything in his power to make sure all their affairs are in order and that the client’s wishes are always reflected.