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Mickey Kesselman from Trusted Advisor, LLC conducts talks and presentations to communities and organizations about supporting senior citizens. He has many years of guest speaking experience and a unique speaking style that audiences find engaging. Apart from talking about senior citizen’s rights, he also speaks about other topics like how to handle personal and professional challenges.

About Mickey

Mickey Kesselman’s Presentations

Don’t spend your senior years worrying. There are simple, effective ways to organize your life with important issues such as finances, property, and health care.

In a brief, informative, and amusing presentation, Mickey uses 48 years of law, business, and nonprofit experience to discuss new solutions to the challenges of senior living. He has found that there are new ways to look at senior life, which he’ll share with you in this entertaining talk.

Whether it’s issues of financial well-being or the roles and responsibilities of families, sometimes an objective sounding board and a fresh perspective are all you need. This inspiring 25-minute presentation will leave you well-informed and give you a genuine sense of well-being so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer in your retirement years.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.
- Mohandas Gandhi

Clearing a path to help solve the problems in your life

When the “Forest for the trees…” becomes wandering aimlessly through the jungle rather than just a pleasant stroll through the orderliness and logical planning of The Botanic Gardens, then it’s time to take a different approach to resolving the tough problems in your life. There are simple and effective ways to lead yourself out of the bogs. Away from the mosquitoes and piranhas that threaten your well-being and peace of mind!

In this presentation for your organization or group, Mickey discusses new solutions to the burdensome problems in your life. He’ll share new ways to handle difficult challenges (professional or otherwise) during this talk.

His solutions will help you handle a variety of issues, including, financial difficulties, problem relatives, living at home, care taking, inconsiderate neighbors, and many more. This presentation will make you smile as you escape the Jungle and proceed to 15-501.

Elder Abuse is divided in to three categories: neglect, physical abuse, and financial exploitation. The startling fact is that 58% of elder abuse cases involve financial exploitation: stealing money either by pure theft or pressuring seniors to relinquish their money.

Typically, elder abuse victims are older: almost two-thirds are older than 75 years of age and more than one-quarter are aged 85 or older. Most elder abuse victims are female (70%) and widowed (50%).

In a brief and informative 25-minute presentation, Mickey Kesselman will talk about and share effective solutions to combat the financial exploitation of our senior citizens. He has discovered tried and tested methods to protect our most vulnerable, which he’ll share through this entertaining talk.

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Mickey has gained more than 48 years of legal knowledge and expertise that can be shared with people to help them handle their current issues. You can invite him to your event by filling out the form below or by reaching out to our office.


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